About Me

My Background


I first became interested in glass 30 years ago when a friend gave me a hand blown glass decanter and four cordial glasses. As I studied the glass, I wondered how the process of glass blowing was done. I enrolled in my first class at USC in 1978, after reading the few books on glassblowing that existed at the time. From then on I was hooked.

Until a couple of years ago, I kept my day job of working with people in large organizations around the world to pay the bills. Now that I have more time, I'm pursuing my art and passion of working with glass while I further develop my skills. I hope you enjoy the result. My Links page provide some more information and resources on glassblowing. 

Working in glass combines art, craft and learning. As an art form, glass involves the play of light and color with form. The craft of glassblowing requires mastery of basic skills and disciplines that are centuries old. When working with glass, there is always something new to learn. 

Each glass object I produce is unique and often produced by myself working alone. Molten glass is gathered on the end of a blowpipe from a 2100 degree (F) furnace. The glass radiates heat and color as it is shaped, reheated and worked using hand tools and techniques that have not changed much over the past centuries. Glass is a wonderful and demanding material to work requiring constant attention and movement.

I incorporate design ideas and techniques from nature and the glass traditions from Italy, America, Scotland and Mexico. My future work can be seen on this site and by appointment in Pacific Palisades, California. 

My Inspiration


A few people who have helped me along the way...

Eric Meek, The Studio in Corning NY and Corning Hot Glass Road Shows. 

Anthony Schafermeyer & Claire Kelly, Pittsburgh PA -- incredible teachers.

Kathy Poepple, Houston Texas -- a great teacher and glassblower.

Davide Salavadore, Murano Italy.

Randy Walker, Washington State -- Billy Morris' assistant.

Bill Gudenrath, The Studio in Corning New York.

Paul Harrie, Inglewood California.

Mayauel Ward, Los Angeles amazing glass artist.

Mark Pavlovists, Los Angeles artist & partner in the studio.

Kevin Chong, San Jose California who truly inspired and taught.

Martin Janecky, sculpture class at Viccolo Glass in Van Nuys California.

Pam Davis, Stanford University and UCLA Artist in Residence.

Rick Nickolson, Auburn California.

David McDermott, The Studio in Corning New York.

Treg Silkwood, San Jose California.

Fritz Dreisbach, The Studio in Corning New York

Don Hartman, Santa Monica College and University of Southern California.

Linda Bolhuis, Topanga Canyon Gallery artist.

Phil Lopez, last seen in 1993 at Northridge California. 

Richard Silver, Inglewood California.