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Palisadian-Post Article

On June 11, 2009 our local newpaper, the Palisadian-Post, ran a nice article on my passion for glassblowing. You can read the article by going to this link. Palisadian-Post

Viewing New Work & Studio Visits

My most recent work can be seen at my home gallery in Pacific Palisades by appointment. Please email me to make arrangements.

If you are interested seeing me working in a studio, visits can be arranged, contact me to arrange for a specific time and location. I normally work at Paul Harrie's Studio in Inglewood California, Kevin Chong's studio in San Jose as well as a few other studios.

Glass Blowing Demonstrations at the Getty Villa

I participated in glass blowing demonstrations at the Getty Villa October & November of 2007. The Corning Museum of Glass shipped out a small glass studio where glassblowers Bill Gudenrath, Eric Meek and Lewis Olson provided demonstrations while Steve Gibbs and I assisted and narrated the action. To view pictures of this event, click here.

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