VITRA -- An amazing set of videos and resources on glass making from the European Virtual Training Centre for Glass Arts & Techniques.

Jeff Hoover's Offhand Glass Links

World Art Glass A stunning resource of glass artists, galleries and more.

Mike Firth A glass site that is bit off-beat.


Corning Museum of Glass Home to The Studio offering great classes.

Museum of Glass, Tacoma Washington

Virtual Hot Shop to learn about the process from the Museum of Glass

The Getty Museums: The Getty Villa and the Getty Center

Videos of Ancient Glass Techniques: The Getty and Corning Museum of Glass

Pictures of Art Deco and Art Nouveau Glass from the Hida Takayama Art Museum, Takayama Japan, 2007


Glass Studios and Artists...

William Morris His work is amazing.

Randy Walker Glass A great teacher and inspiration.

Creative Glass Center in Wheaton New Jersey

Joe Cariati Los Angeles artist and teacher.

Flo Perkins Cactus and other interesting glass.

Richard Satava Jellyfish have been very good to Rick.

Ross Neder's Glass Act Lots of interesting glass history, including pictures and videos on the process.

Urban Glass in Brooklyn New York

Video of Glass Master Afro Watch a video of a vase being made in Murano Italy.

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